Elaine Sabol

After several instances of shaking and feeling dizzy at her home, Elaine Sabol went to the emergency room.


Upon arrival, Sabol was temporarily paralyzed. Before long, she regained some movement, but she still could not walk.


Sabol had experienced essential tremors, characterized by shaking, and a transient ischemic attack, which is a small stroke.


Sabol came to Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington for rehabilitation on June 3, 2019. Upon admission, she was at a high fall risk, and in need of assistance with most of her activities of daily living.


The facility provided physical and occupational therapies to help Sabol walk, regain her balance and perform everyday tasks with independence.


Physical therapy utilized strengthening exercises and special equipment to help Sabol walk with a front-wheeled walker and climb stairs, and occupational therapy focused on helping her regain her ability to independently perform self-care tasks like bathing and dressing.


“The physical therapy was just excellent,” said Sabol. “Because of the therapy, I am able to walk and climb stairs.”


Sabol completed therapy on June 22 and returned home.


“Therapy was a new experience,” said Sabol. “I checked out other facilities, but I chose this one because it is the best.”