The spaghetti with meatballs

On Feb. 12, 2016, the activities and dietary departments at Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington, collaborated in putting together a special Valentine’s dinner for residents with spouses.


The first 12 couples to RSVP were guaranteed a spot.


Valentine’s Day means love, and nothing says love like amore, so Italian was the theme,” said Sandie Morehead, dietary manager.


Pam Shelton, activity director, went all-out in decorating the tables to match the theme. Morehead and Andrea Hale, cook, set to work preparing the food, to make the evening a rousing success, and Shelton and Johnathan Ashley, executive director, served the meal.


The antipasti, or appetizers, were set on the tables in advance so guests could nibble while they waited for the other courses. These included country and black olives, bite-sized wedges of Genoa salami and cherry tomatoes.


The first course was a spinach salad, topped with sliced mushrooms and raspberries and served with a raspberry honey vinaigrette. For those who had an alternate textured diet, associates served a lime JELL-O salad, drizzled with a strained raspberry puree.


The entree included two choices. The first was spaghetti topped with a slow-cooked tomato sauce infused with Italian herbs and seasonings, served with meatballs. The second was a rich and flavorful penne Alfredo pasta topped with grilled chicken and decorated with a diced tomato sprinkle. Both were hit with a dash of parsley flakes.


A basket of buttery garlic bread was offered as a side to soak up those wonderful sauces.


For dessert, the facility served affogato, a coffee ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and sprinkled with crushed almond biscotti.


“The residents who attended raved about how special they were made to feel, how well the food was presented and how wonderful the meal tasted,” said Morehead. “We had a blast and were very proud to be able to create an evening our residents and their spouses could enjoy for Valentine’s.”


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