Margaret Shomshack

Margaret Shomshack recently needed help getting back on her feet after a stroke.


On March 18, 2019, Shomshack came to Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington, for physical and occupational therapies. She needed maximum assistance for getting in and out of bed and for all her self-care. Therapists worked with her six days a week to increase her strength, mobility and independence so she could return home.


“Margaret was very cooperative and motivated,” said Helen Sun, occupational therapist. “The treatment plan was developed to address her needs for managing at home. She and her family were involved in the plan of care development and progress, and we tailored her treatments to challenge her but meet her tolerance.”


On April 23, just over a month later, Shomshack went home. She was able to perform all her self-care tasks with someone there to help her if she needed a little assistance. She could walk with a walker for up to 225 feet and climb up eight steps with stand-by assistance. Her balance had also improved; she went from unable to stand to a moderate fall risk.


“The best part was having a room all to myself,” Shomshack said about her rehabilitation experience. “The people are nice. The therapy was good, and I’m better than I was.”