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Local man plays piano again thanks to rehab at Cottesmore of Life Care

Patient Richard Hermstad with Tamara Burt, occupational therapist

Richard Hermstad enjoys staying busy.

A licensed minister, Hermstad offers counsel to families in crisis and loves to provide the gift of music through his skilled piano playing.

Unfortunately, all of that came to a halt on Hermstad’s 75th birthday when he suffered from a stroke and a traumatic brain injury while playing racquetball.

Cottesmore of Life Care rehab helps woman recover from auto accident

Brenda Dunwoody stands next to the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, one of the tools in her rehabilitation.

Brenda Dunwoody came to Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington, on Nov. 6, 2015, in need of complete assistance.

Dunwoody had been a pedestrian hit by a car. The accident left her with multiple pelvic, spinal and cervical fractures and shoulder dislocation. After being cared for in the hospital, she needed extensive rehabilitation in order to be ready to return home to her husband, who was stationed at Joint Base Lewis McCord.