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Stroke patient recovers with therapy at Cottesmore of Life Care

Margaret Shomshack

Margaret Shomshack recently needed help getting back on her feet after a stroke.

On March 18, 2019, Shomshack came to Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington, for physical and occupational therapies. She needed maximum assistance for getting in and out of bed and for all her self-care...

Cottesmore of Life Care helps Wood heal from sepsis

Left to right: Tony Nguyen, physical therapist assistant; Shirley Wood; and Lanieline Carbungco, physical therapist

Shirley Wood came to Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington, on Oct. 1, 2018, after an extended stay in the hospital for sepsis.

When she arrived, Wood needed two people to help her in and out of bed. She couldn’t stand or walk and couldn’t tolerate sitting up for more than 20 minutes because of pain and weakness...

Cottesmore of Life Care helps Filkins recover from fall and pneumonia

Lloyd Filkins

After Lloyd Filkins had a fall at home, he was sent to the emergency room with weakness and pneumonia.

It was Cottesmore of Life Care in Gig Harbor, Washington, that helped him get back on his feet.

Filkins came to the skilled nursing and rehab center on Feb. 23, 2018, for physical and occupational therapies....

Rehab at Cottesmore of Life Care gets car accident patient back home

Left to right: Lani Carbungco, physical therapist; Paul Scalzo; and Lisa Anderson, occupational therapist

Gig Harbor, Washington, resident Paul Scalzo is back home and independent again after a car accident caused him multiple fractures.

“I spent multiple weeks at Harbor View,” Scalzo shared. “I was feeling apprehensive about going to a rehab facility. I couldn’t get out of bed because I had a lot of pain and I had so much atrophy....”